The Pros and Cons Acrylic American Manicure

There are so many great things about going for an acrylic American manicure. Firstly, it’s a very simple procedure that leaves your nails looking tidy, clean, and professional. Also, the upkeep is a lot easier than if you have natural nails. However, there are some not-so-great things about getting this type of manicure too. Namely all of the drying time when you can’t use your hands or go out in public without feeling self-conscious. end

What is an American Manicure?

An American manicure is a type of manicure that has been shaped, filed, and polished on the hands, with clear nail polish. It is the most common type of manicure for people who have their hands in the water a lot, like nurses. They’re also very popular with women who have acrylic nails, as an American manicure helps to blend the artificial nails with natural ones. The acrylic forms a seal over the natural nail, protecting it from staining. However, the clear nail polish used to seal the acrylic can become thick and discolored over time, and may need to be replaced as often as every two weeks.

The Pros of an Acrylic Manicure

– Easy upkeep. An acrylic manicure is less maintenance than natural nails. You don’t have to keep trimming them or filing them down; they’re actually thicker than your natural nails. It- Easy to remove. When it’s time to take the acrylic off, you can do so pretty easily with nail polish remover. – It’s a clean look. Acrylic nails are very uniform in their shape and appearance. You can have them at any length and shape you like. – Protective finish. Acrylic nails act as a shield for your natural nails. They’re a protective barrier from all the bacteria and germs you come across every day.

The Cons of an Acrylic Manicure

– Dry hands. You’ll notice that your hands will be drier than usual after the acrylic manicure. That’s because the nails are blocking your nails’ access to any moisture. – Careful with the water. You’ll have to be extra careful when washing your hands. You might want to avoid washing dishes or doing anything that requires you to get your hands in water. – Thicker nails. Unfortunately, your natural nails will be thicker than normal because they’re covered in acrylic. – No nail polish. You can’t use nail polish on your acrylic nails because it will peel away the sealant. – Unnatural look. Because acrylic nails are thicker than natural nails, they don’t look as nice. – Expensive upkeep. Acrylic nails are more costly to maintain than natural nails.

How to Take Care of Your Acrylic Nails

Keep them clean. It goes without saying that you should keep your acrylic nails clean. – Avoid biting your nails. You may find it hard to resist the urge to bite your nails when they’re acrylic. – Avoid picking at your nails. It’s tempting because acrylic nails are slightly more flexible than natural nails. – Wear gloves when cleaning. You may have to be extra careful when cleaning around the house. – Nail polish. You can use nail polish on your nails, but only pigmented ones.

Nail Polish Choices for the Acrylic Manicure

All-purpose polishes. These are usually dark reds, dark pinks, or dark purples. Choose a darker nail polish to help cover up the fact that your nails are covered in acrylic. – Long-lasting polishes. You want a long-lasting lacquer that will not chip or peel easily. – High-shine polishes. If you want your nails to look super shiny, go with a high-shine lacquer. – Coloured polishes. Colored polishes are a fun way to add a pop of color to your nails. – Nail strengthening polishes. If you have weak nails, try a strengthening lacquer.


Nails are like a blank canvas, so whatever you decide to do with them is entirely up to you. Whether you go with a classic French manicure, sport a glittery nail art design, or even a more conservative look, there’s a nail polish for every occasion. Now that you know more about acrylic nails and their pros and cons, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to get a manicure when next you visit the salon.

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